How to Save Money with Insurance Quotes

It's easy to compare insurance rates online and find the best match for you. There are also steps you can take to reduce your rates. Browse our guide below to learn more about Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, and Home Insurance.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance rates can vary significantly between providers. Be sure to research your options by comparing plans from major providers such as Geico, Progressive, and Esurance. Enter your zip code below and press GO to see auto insurance plans in your area.

Also examine the following factors that contribute to auto insurance rates. You might be able to improve your standing by adjusting these factors.

  • Driving Record - Lots of tickets and accidents = high rates.
  • Credit Score - Check your credit report to make sure that it's accurate. Misinformation on your credit report can cause insurance rates to be higher.
  • Type of Coverage - More coverage = higher rates. Sometimes it's better to avoid collision insurance on low value cars.
  • Location - Your zip code. Cities with more theft and accidents often have higher insurance rates.
  • Age and Gender - Young male drivers are more likely to be in accidents, and thus receive higher rates.
  • Parking - A car parked on the street will be charged more than a car in the garage.
  • Type of Car - A boring, safe car is cheaper to insure than a sexy sports car.
  • Miles Driven - The more you drive, the higher the rates.
  • Deductible - A higher deductible will be rewarded with lower rates.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is critical to avoid paying for large medical expenses out-of-pocket. If your employer doesn't provide coverage, it can be difficult to determine the most affordable plan for you and your family. Enter your zip code below to see providers in your area. Also consider talking with an insurance agent about the various options that are available.

Tips to Save Money on Health Insurance

  • Select a plan with a higher deductible to lower your monthly payment.
  • Consider opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) to help pay (pretax) for any medical expense, including dental and vision.
  • Exercise! Not only will you reduce health issues, some employers have wellness plans that benefit those who stay in shape.
  • Request generic medications from your doctor that have the same active ingredients but cost much less.

Home Insurance

Compare multiple offers from insurers in your area to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Tips to Save Money on Home Insurance

  • Often you can get discounts on your policy if you meet certain criteria such as burglary systems, dead-bolt locks, and non-smokers. This also applies if you make your home more resistant to storms and other natural disasters.
  • Consider raising the deductible on your plan to lower the amount you have to pay.
  • Some insurers will give you a discount if you purchase auto and home insurance from them.
  • Review your credit history to ensure it does not contain mistakes that could negatively affect your insurance rate.
  • Research the location and house condition to determine if these factors will increase your insurance. For example, homes in a floodplain will have to pay more for coverage.