Financial Calculators

Annuity Calculator

Determine how much money you will have if you make an annual contribution to an annuity or savings account.

Auto Loan Amortization Calculator

Create a printable amortization schedule for a car loan.

Compare Loans and Mortgages

Compare the monthly payments, total interest and fees of multiple loans or mortgages.

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate the interest you will earn on a deposit based on the interest rate and length of time.

Cost Comparison Calculator

Compare the costs over time associated with two different options based on how much and how often you have to pay.

Most Expensive House Calculator

Determine the most expensive house that you can afford based on your income and loan information.

Personal Savings Calculator

Track your personal net worth into the future based on your savings goals.

Utility Bill Savings Calculator

See how much you can save by reducing your utility bill by just a couple of percent.